Sunday, July 15, 2007

The final frontier-Digital Cinema

The cinema business has been lagging behind for some time now mainly due to rampant piracy and a growing preference to just purchase the DVD which is simply more economical. For a price of perharps $19 , consumers can enjoy in their relative comfort of homes and are able to replay the movie over and over again as opposed to viewing it at cinema where it is a one-off thing. However the one appeal that cinema still possesses is that undeniable experience that will stay. It is indescribable but it probably something that will never be replicated at home. It may be the wide screens, the awesome sound effects or just the pleasure of watching the film with many like minded individuals. Thus with the advent of digital cinemas, the tables might be turned. Digital Movies as opposed to traditional reels of films are cheaper, more convenient to transport and more lasting. This savings can easily translate into cheaper tickets, better facilities or better effects. Furthermore, it also opens the way for amateur film-makers to showcase their products to the mass public as digital copies are infinitely cheaper to produce than reels. Ultimately, we as consumers get a wider scope of viewing entertainment.

I think this new revolution will revitalize the whole film business if the the cinemas can take advantage of the advantages and pass it down to the customers and give them a reason to bother making the trip down to the cinemas. I will definitely go to the cinemas more often if the tickets are cheaper.

Sunday, July 1, 2007

Freedom Of Expression

Since the question states whether Singer's view or Szilagyi's view is better for singapore, my answer is that Szilagyi view is more suitable and more appropriate. For one, our own Singapore government practices a similar style too. Even though Freedom of expression is believed to be a right for human beings, fact is that it is simply too impractical to the real world. Humans are a creature that wants to believe that they are always right...there is no exception. The idea of freedom of expression contradicts these inborn trait to be always right as any issues that need to be supported by the 'self-made' law of freedom of expression is likely to be a criticism against something. Take a moment to think about i right? For example take the cartoon ridiculing Prophet Muhammad. If the cartoonist do not have a point to be make about Islam, then there is no reason for the cartoon to exist. These cartoonists then claim to be invoking the law of freedom of expression which is just simply wrong. It is just an excuse for a mistake they made. May i even dare say these people are selfish for whatever reasons they drew the cartoon as clearly they are do not take into account the consequences. So is satisfying one's desire to print their own ideals worth the chaos and lost lives?

We all know that Singapore takes the issue of freedom of expression very seriously. There quite a lot of censorship of criticism and all media is pretty much under tight scrutiny of the government. There have been uproars from both local scenes and foreign alike about the lack of freedom but seriously, what have we lost? Nothing significant compared to the invaluable peace and harmony we have obtained. Look elsewhere-The united States for instance. Freedom of expression is pretty much valued there. See what happens there? Riots, Allegations of white ill-treating blacks and vice-versa. Sometimes we had to look at issues with a wider scope instead of limiting to ourselves. The fallacy of humans to be selfish and too self-centered gives freedom of expression a bad name, using it an excuse to say out socially-irresponsible statements. We should be willing to sacrifice a bit of freedom of speech to maintain peace. Its better for the whole world this way.

Sunday, May 6, 2007

I refer to this issue,8599,1615738,00.html which is an interview with a suicide bomber.

From this article, it's clear that suicide bombers are not crazed maniac people which many people make out to be. In fact they are normal guys like you and us-except that they have a deadly mission, to destroy lives for what they believe.

In the case of the young man in the issue, he was to be an aspiring engineer but everything came upside down when israelis killed his best friend. Then, it was all the ploting of revenge against the Israelis and he unfortunately went down the violent path.

Its easy to see why there are so many of these suicide bombers in those areas. Seriously, the people there are extremists...born from an era that knows no peace but shells and bloodshed. Put a person there and he or she will develop a strong violent hatred for the enemy. Peace is probably unheard of there and there really no point to advocating a peace situation. The miliatants there are obessed with war-thats why they kept fighting. They should question the morality of killing your own people but they carry out the will of thei crazy ruler and thus that is the situation. Fight fire with fire.

Saturday, April 28, 2007

For those who wants to read more about the recent issue of the US missile Shield, information can be obtained from here,8599,1615422,00.html.

Its like another war coming except this seems much more inflammatory. This could become real. People have always feared a 3rd World War and apparently the Americans thought similar as they have purposed to create interceptor missiles base in Czechoslovakia and Poland to counter the ever-growing threat of Iran and North Korea. However, the Russians politicians in particular president Vladimir Putin views the plan with suspicion, thinking that its a US plan to keep Russian Missiles in check. Futhermore they are skeptical of an Iranian Threat.

Its funny that the Russians are actually fearful. They are displaying the same paranoid-ism of past rulers most noticeably Stalin. Ever fearful of a invasion by the West. Seriously, what grounds does the West want to invade Russia? Sure Russia have a bunch of nuclear warheads which would scare off most if not all invaders. Is Russia still communist and displaying some form of tendency to try to engulf the world in communism? Nay. Is Russia economy booming? Not really. To put it simply, there are simply no reasons to launch an invasion of Russia.

On the other hand however, is Iran. A far more potential threat. Its recent nuclear program isn't very assuring and futhermore, being hotspots for constant conflict and terrorism, its easy to see why it is worrying. Its better to put preventive measures now then regret later should Iran go nuclear on everyone. The russians should just stop isolating themselves and cooperate against the double threat of the north koreans and the iranians.

However as long as Putin stays in charge of Russia, the chance of a alliance seems unlikely. For me, Putin leadership is like communism under the cover of democracy. He oppresses the nation and probably have the secret police under his charge.

Sunday, April 22, 2007

Torture Of Humans

Is Torture really justifiable in this new age where everyone appreciates the laws of human right?

In my opinion, it is barbaric and savage to ever have to resort to torture. My dictionary has no mention of a truly evil man who is past redemption. Even terrorists are humans. They deserve to be treated in a way similar to any normal human.

I salute the FBI's effort in taking a humane way of investigation that have proven to be quite successful given time. The example has also shown me some of the reasons as to why terrorists carry their wave of death-They are indoctrinated to think the West are absolute enemies, that they were be slaughtered if they ever land into the enemy's hand. Thats why they would surprised to find out that their "enemies" are actually treating them with care. Truth is, most terrorists weren't born to be carriers of the Grim Ripper's will. Most of them just want to have a family and live life peacefully. However, the countries they lived in imposed such a strong censorship on media that they are deprived of Western media thus making them easy targets for other misguided souls A.K.A terrorists.

The second article was thought provoking though as it almost swung me to the side of torture being needed to employ. The defendant support his stand by providing examples of critical situations in which he feel torture is justifiable-A race against time to rescue a girl, or a hostage in the hands of a hostile Islamic Militant Group. Its funny how this people, the advocates of torture failed to realize that the the terrorists in custody is also human. By torturing them, we are in fact no worse then the terrorists. Aren't we the champions of democracy, free will and human rights? Must we sink that low in order to defeat the threat?

Sunday, April 15, 2007

The New Media

New Media is a boon to liberty itself. It allows people to openly express themselves while enjoying the anonymity. No longer does people need to hide their views for fear of prosecution as long as they are not volatile in nature. For me, Volatile views include but not limited to, racist views, slander, views that threaten to tear the region or nation apart. Other then this, the accessibility of New Media itself( Easily accessed with a computer and internet access) can be viewed by many...which is really a point to New Media. Basically, most wants their views to be heard so they can influence or garner support for their ideas or plans.

New Media links up the whole world and information that would have otherwise takes days or weeks can be easily gotten in a few minutes. One of the most popular medium is blogging which have already attracted millions of bloggers around the world. The article highlighted the uses of blogs to air one views on an oppressive government,to expose the truth behind their tyrant behavior.Also, blogs often show first hand information, unedited by any which is helpful to the audience. Like for example, A blog showcasing a US soldier and his life in Baghdad became a extremely popular blog as they depict a true scene in Baghdad itself, unsanctioned by government censorship. It tells of the hardship there and the constant fear of not seeing a new dawn. Thus people no longer need to be silenced by the government and can speak out the truth.
On another note, blogging is the alternative to a diary. They can benefit as they vent their frustrations out and friends can provide consolation and advice. Humans after all are social creatures and need others' support and blogs just provide the platform for that.

However, New Media can be a threat to stability if used for nefarious purposes. As noted, the terrorists have used the websites, online videos and Television to propagate their hatred for the west. Rumors created for the sole purpose of incurring
anger in people such as the false allegations of the desecration of a Koran have sparked off deadly riots. Furthermore, this only lowered the trust in the West itself.

Even though the terrorists look like they are winning, the West are working hard to use the New Media to their advantage.

Ultimately, truth will prevail.

Saturday, April 7, 2007

Repressed Freedom..

I have come to gather that the media simply cannot be trusted for the dissemination of true, factual and unbiased news to the public.

The writer summarized the 3 "P" in which corporate-controlled media seek to follow, like they were a set of guidelines. Profit, Prejudice, Popularity. In doing so, they have actually forgot their actual purpose- to inform the American public of happenings around the country and globe. Even though i may have no knowledge on how these news network operate, i can offer my opinion should there be a grain of truth on the portrayal of the media in the movie "Death Note 2: The Last Name". In the movie, a vengeful female news presenter who is overshadowed by a colleague who works her way up by offering "favors", obtained control of this deadly book, known as "The Death Note". The book allows the owner to kill anyone the owner wishes, simply by writing the target's name into it. This news presenter then take this opportunity to start a killing spree, in which she gleefully report in the evening show. The show producer encourage her by allowing her to proceed as the news of the killings surged the the media company's rating sky-high. She herself also benefited as her pay and position in the company rose dramatically. With the Note's help, she could orchestrate and manipulate events to her liking , in fact she became news itself. The writer also presents a similar situation , the issue of censorship in which editors cut whatever displeases them- The writer submitted a article which criticized a police member who happens to be the friend of the editor. Nonetheless, the article was largely edited and ended up insightful. Another example is the bribing of media persons by the Bush Administration. As the writer pointed out the Bush Administration rampart abuse of the "Great Lies Theory" which involve drilling myths into the public till they accept it, the Bush Administration realized that the American Public can be easily indoctrinated into believing what they say and also realizing the propaganda potential of the media, decided to use it for its own purposes.

The media also rear it's ugly head in the form of siding whoever is "in"now. The McCarthy's incident proves it. The media at that time all flock to his view which was considered interesting by the public. This media all became popular and the income generated filled their pockets. Alas when McCarthy's notion was destroyed, these very same media abruptly turned their backs on him. Amazing is the human nature isn't it?

The recent Iraq war was also a great example. The media was used by the Bush Administration( claimed by the documentary Fahrenheit 9/11) to instill a state of constant fear into the public. For example, the poison-filled pen which is really a stuff of fantasies and isn't really a weapon of mass destruction . No matter, the media hyped it, making it seem like the potential nuclear bomb. Through the media, the public are convinced that Iraq harbored weapons that posed a serious threat to the United States and is a breeding ground for terrorists.( Alarms should go off in the American public that these terrorists cause the disastrous 9/11 incident.) Thus, the unjustified Iraq war was supported to a huge extent even after years of failed searches of the Weapons Of Mass Destruction and stacked casualties. This only shows how powerful the media is.

The media should not be taken too seriously unless its absolutely credible. Even so, it should be compared to other sources.